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*This is a revised edition of the previous title, 'Life on the Border, Coping with Mental and Emotional Illness' to reflect the contents more accurately. The stories within these pages are from those who have suffered from mental illness, how they self-medicated with substances, and then found recovery. And through their recovery journey, they found various coping skills that helped them acheive stability with their mental health challenges. Topics include:

*Addiction Recovery



*Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

*Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

*Bipolar Disorder

*Borderline Personality Disorder

*Suicidal Ideation

*Eating Disorders

*Effective tools and coping skills to maintain a healthy, stable life.


Being Dually diagnosed is not the end of the world. Recovery and stability are obtainable. Although not easy at first, becoming dually blessed is the result of finding an attitude of gratitude, the driving force of every day life.

Dually Diagnosed Dually Blessed

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