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“This dynamic collection of poems and prose speaks to the heart of abuse and rising from the ashes. Coventina lays it out from deep within her soul and total being that encourages all women to honor their power, leave abuse when they need to, and offer inspiration for what’s possible beyond the abuse. This short yet powerful book is a woman’s soul song from out of the darkness into the light.”

                Charlynn Atiam, Minister and Spiritual Counselor


“Using poetry as a form of storytelling, Coventina Waterhawk engages the reader as she takes you on her personal journey from the prison of domestic violence to a place of liberation and healing. ‘The Freed Soul’ provides a list of valuable resources to aid people in abusive relationships, and it tells them; you are not alone and the path to healing – while not easy, is well worth it.”

                Rebecca Pittenger, PH.D.

The Freed Soul, From Domestic Violence to Freedom

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