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Showing another their gift of Mediumship

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I was thinking about another reading I did for a friend (Cindy B) at a women's gathering we attended. She ask, "What's my gift? Some of the other women have certain gifts, do you see anything for me?" I said, "That's easy. You're a medium. You can communicate to those who have crossed over to the other side. I will do an exercise with you in the morning."

So the next morning, we sat outside and I asked her to contact my husband Rick who had passed and to ask him how he passed. (I knew that she thought he died of cancer, because I was telling everyone it was cancer that caused his death & she moved away shortly after.)

I suggested she close her eyes and take in a few deep breaths and to let go of the way she thinks she will receive the message. The FIRST thing out of her mouth was, "What was wrong with his lungs?" I smiled and asked why she asked. She replied, "Because my lungs hurt & I'm having difficulty breathing." I let her know he died of a rare pneumonia. She responded, "I thought he died of cancer?" I said, "I know."

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