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Messages from Spirit

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Sometimes during a Reiki session, a deceased loved one will step forward to relay a message for my client. However, the messages coming through may not always be for the client I'm giving the Reiki to at the time. If a message doesn't make sense to my client, I know from experience that it will always make sense later either for them or me. Sometimes there is no message, just an acknowledgement that the deceased loved one is aware of their living loved ones and what they're doing in their life.

If you are wanting to connect but not sure of the process, or don't believe that our spirit lives on after we shed our physical body, that's okay. There are signs all around us that our loved ones try to send to communicate, if only for a moment. It doesn't matter how long they've been gone, there is no time or space in heaven. Know that they are happy and no longer struggling if they were struggling here in their human form.

Archangel Azrael helps us grieve and helps us to connect with our loved ones. He also helps our loved ones assimilate on the other side, especially if their passing was abrupt and unexpected. Most loved ones convey the message that it was their time to go, to shed their physical body.

I had a friend with whom I did a reading for and I had thought she quit smoking several years before. Her husband passed unexpectedly and the first thing I heard was him yelling, "Stop smoking!" She laughed and acknowledged the fact that she had started smoking again.

Another time I was doing Reiki at a women's expo and a Jack kept coming through. He felt like an uncle. So I started asking my clients if they knew a Jack that had passed. Throughout the day, the answer was no. I even put it out on social media that I was looking for a Jack, trying to find who he belonged to. Finally, after several hours of clients, a woman and her sister showed up. They had stopped by earlier in the day but I was busy, so they decided to look around and return later.

As I was doing Reiki for one of the ladies, I asked her if she knew a Jack that had passed, kind of like an uncle. She replied, "Yes, but he passed over forty years ago." I told her it didn't matter, that he was there now. She seemed disconnected from the person. Her sister then asked, "Who's Jack?" So the lady told her sister who Jack was and her sister couldn't believe it, because she never knew that his real name was Jack. She always knew him as someone else, and he was an uncle figure. The entire session, the sister kept repeating, "I can't believe his name was Jack." So the message was actually for her and not her sister who was receiving the Reiki.

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