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Distance Reiki and Arthritis

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

After a CT scan, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my neck and was placed on a high-powered pain medication, that barely took the edge off of the pain. After about another month of suffering, I consulted a Reiki master, someone I met through an online search for practitioners after moving to a new location. She lives about an hour away so we scheduled an online appointment.

The appointment took place on Zoom, and lasted about 30 minutes. We did a meditation and she sent me the Reiki through the computer. About an hour after the session, I took the last pain pill. I have not needed the medication since, which was five and a half months ago. I visited my orthopedic doctor a couple of times to follow up after the scan and I told him my experience with the Reiki. He said, "It's like magic." Yep, I agreed with him. I discontinued seeing him as I no longer feel the need. If my neck pain or stiffness return, I'll schedule another remote Reiki session with her.

If you are experiencing chronic pain anywhere in your body, please schedule an appointment with me. We can meet on Zoom and it doesn't matter how far apart we are, Reiki works remotely just as well as in person.

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