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What is Reiki?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

● Reiki is Japanese for 'spiritually guided life energy'

● The technique used is either hands on or can be sent remotely

● Reiki heals body, mind, and spirit

● Lack of belief in Reiki does not stop the energy from healing

● Reiki is mostly used for stress reduction and relaxation

● Reiki clears the chakras (energy fields within the body) and gives you an overall sense of peace and well-being

● Receiving Reiki on a regular basis (like massage) removes toxins from the body and gives you that boost of energy you need to move forward

● Anyone can learn Reiki

● Reiki is spiritual, not religious

● Reiki assists medical treatment and enhances the healing process

● Reiki reduces adverse side effects from chemotherapy

● Reiki heals broken bones, arthritis, and other physical ailments

● Reiki helps those with anxiety and mental health issues

● Animals respond to Reiki and receive healing as well.

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