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Using Tarot for Intuitive Readings

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Some might think that a tarot card reading is different than an intuitive reading. I have used tarot cards to help me focus on the messages I am channeling during an intuitive reading. I have always been intuitive, and when I channel a person's truth without the cards, they are stunned and want to know where I am receiving the information from. I use the cards only so my clients can see what I am channeling. As soon as the first card is turned over, I intuitively know what's happening in my client's life, recently and currently. A tarot reading usually consists of eleven cards, but most of the time I only need one. What usually happens is I start talking about something, then the next card is exactly what I was just saying. Again, the cards are for my client to see what I am channeling. My intuitive readings are for personal growth, spiritual understanding, and overall clarity.

Most tarot card readers do not allow their clients to touch the cards. However, I have always allowed my clients to mix the cards because they're putting their energy into them and it's their reading, not mine. I make sure that I clear/cleanse the cards after each reading, especially when I am at an event where I'm doing multiple readings. I also cleanse myself after each reading. I use the smoke from the sacred white sage plant, along with shuffling the cards thoroughly after each reading. I have never had a problem with the energies.

If you are looking for clarity in your life, an intuitive reading can help. You can book your appointment on this site. Readings can be in person or on Zoom.

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