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Archangel Michael and his Sword of Light

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Archangel Michael is probably the most popular among the Archangels. He is the protector and his color is sapphire blue. With his sword of light, he can cut all energetic cords from our chakras and help us find balance.

He can create a sacred space for us to feel safe and protected. We can ask, "Archangel Michael, with your sword of sapphire blue light, protect this space on my right, on my left, behind me, in front of me, above me and below me. And so it is."

Archangel Michael can protect you from lower energies, guarding you and your loved ones. He wants you to remember who you are; a powerful, loving and creative child of the Divine. And make sure you are clear about what you desire to manifest and focus upon it with unwavering faith.

Cutting cords to remove all expectations, fears, misconceptions and beliefs that no longer serve is another way Archangel Michael can help. A short meditation right before a mediumship reading, we ask Michael to help with the above issues that the client might be having. Cutting cords to remove my ego also helps me in channeling deceased loved ones.

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