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Guardian Angels

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

I was unaware of my guardian angels until a few weeks ago. (I know, kinda late in life), but it wasn't until I took out my journal and wrote: "Dear guardian angels, if you exist, please reveal your names to me" and the first name that came to mind was 'Dorian'. I had never heard that name before so I asked, "Are you sure?" Lol, of course they were sure. Then the next day someone made a comment on a post in a fb group I'm in and the name 'Dorian' was in the comment. Then they posted another comment that it was a typo, but I laughed and commented that it was for me, a confirmation that Dorian is in fact one of my guardian angels. Haha!

Then earlier today, I wrote in my journal asking Dorian if there were other guardian angels around me. The name "Beatrice" came up. Of course, not believing what I heard, I asked again if there were others and the name "Carla" came to me. So for now, I have three guardian angels (that I'm now aware of) and Dorian is the main angel and I feel Beatrice is helping me with my work, and Carla is helping me with promoting my books. Dorian has been with me during those dark times and was guiding me to the light, no matter how dim it was.

Are you aware of your guardian angels? Do they have names or colors associated with them? How have they helped you in your life? Please share your experiences. I would love to be inspired by you and your angels.

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