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Grief and Sorrow that Archangel Azrael can help with

When we walk through grief and sorrow, we can always count on Archangel Azrael to comfort us and help us get through those moments when we feel we can't continue on our path of the loss. People grieve in many different ways. There's a belief that there are five stages of grief that are in order: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. However, my experience is that you can have all five at the same time. And not all people go through each stage. Some might already be in acceptance if their loved one has been fighting an illness for a long time and they are in sync with the fact that they are no longer suffering. There are those who don't go through the bargaining stage and accept the loss. While others don't get depressed because they celebrate the fact that their loved one is free of the pain they were feeling.

Archangel Azrael has been looked upon as a negative, fearful angel because he represents pain, sorrow, grief and loss. However, he also helps those cross over and helps them assimilate into their new life form. He has been with me since childhood, although I didn't realize it until recently when looking back on my life and those moments when I had unsafe thoughts and feelings, believing I wasn't going to survive. I was on the brink of death and yet here I am, writing about my experiences. I am currently writing a book about the specific losses in my life and how he has been my constant companion. I can share his positive attributes and how we can incorporate his comfort in other areas of our life.

For instance, Azrael doesn't always have to comfort us in those times when a loved one passes away; it can be the loss of a job we absolutely loved, or a relationship we may have held onto a little longer than necessary. A close friend who was near our heart and meant a lot to us can end without notice and we try to figure out what we did wrong, what we said that made them stop wanting us in their life. It has happened to me several times in my life and what I can share with you looking back on those relationships is that I grew spiritually to where we weren't on the same vibrational level as before. I grew but they didn't grow with me. I hope that whenever you need to be comforted regardless of the loss, you'll call upon this amazingly comforting archangel name Azrael.

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